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Advertisement Page

Advertise on SchoolsUganda and get your message in front of our large audience of active, educated and affluent parents. Our website can target your campaign; we offer all traditional ad units as well as newsletter sponsorships.

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Advertiser Guidelines and Specs

Overall Advertising Acceptability Guidelines

All Advertising materials submitted to SchoolsUganda must be in accordance with existing advertising criteria and specifications, and are subject to approval of SchoolsUganda.

SchoolsUganda reserves the right to remove or reject any Advertisement that doesn't meet our standards of acceptance, doesn’t comply with our policies and guidelines (including our Privacy Policy), or that does not comply with any applicable law or regulation. SchoolsUganda will attempt to negotiate changes with the Advertiser/Agency, however, if changes cannot be negotiated, the Advertisement will be declined. No change will be made without the written consent of the Agency/Advertiser.

SchoolsUganda maintains clear separation between editorial matter and its Advertisements, and reserves the right to label an Advertisement with the word "Advertisement" or "Ad" or “From our Partner” to make clear the distinction between editorial material and Advertising. The Advertiser name and/or logo must appear with all Advertisements. It must be clear to users that any Advertisement has been paid for by the Advertiser, and may not be mistaken as SchoolsUganda content in any way.

Advertisements containing the following will not be accepted on SchoolsUganda

Advocacy/Opinion Advertising
  • Advertisements that attacks, criticizes or demeans any individual, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, institution, firm, business, profession, organization or sexual orientation will not be accepted.
  • Any Advertisement that promotes illegal activities or actions are not acceptable.
  • Advertisements for cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco and snuff are unacceptable.
Content Sensitivity
  • SchoolsUganda may decline to run advertisements adjacent to any content that it deems sensitive, at the discretion of SchoolsUganda.
  • Advertisements for firearms, handguns, rifles and ammunition are unacceptable.
Language and "Good Taste"
  • In the opinion of SchoolsUganda, any Advertisement that is indecent, vulgar, suggestive or otherwise offensive to good taste is unacceptable.
  • Advertisements that endorse an individual political candidate or political party will not be accepted.
  • Advertisements that endorse a non-educational political proposition or policy will not be accepted.
  • As an unbiased site, SchoolsUganda will accept Advertisements for ballot issues that are Educational in nature, subject to approval.
Simulation of Editorial Content
  • Any Advertisement that includes elements usually associated with SchoolsUganda editorial content or is intended to mimic any element of SchoolsUganda will not be accepted.
  • The use of typefaces, type sizes, colors, or other design elements that mimic the editorial content in any way is not acceptable.
  • Where an Advertiser's logo and style guide is similar to that of, both parties will come to an agreement that clearly distinguishes Advertisement from the product and/or content.
Unsubstantiated Claims
  • Advertisements that offer "miracle" diet pills or regimens (i.e. those that claim incredible, unreasonable and/or unsubstantiated weight loss) are unacceptable.
  • At our own discretion, SchoolsUganda may decline any banner Advertisement and any Google Ad Sense Advertisement that promotes or represents products or therapies that have not been proven safe and/or effective for children, especially- though not limited to- children with learning disabilities or AD/HD.