SchoolsUganda Rating System

The SchoolsUganda Rating

The SchoolsUganda Rating is a simple tool that helps you compare schools based on test scores and other available data, including student academic growth and college readiness. GreatSchools is always working to improve the rating and add more information when state education agencies make school quality data publically available.

SchoolsUganda Ratings in Your School

The GreatSchools Rating is on a 1-5 scale, where 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. Ratings are broken down into three categories: ratings 1-2 signal that the school is “below average,” 3 indicate “average,” and 4-5 are “above average.” Ratings for these categories are shown in red, yellow and green (respectively) to help you see the distinctions.

The foundation of the SchoolsUganda rating reflects how well schools do on standardized rating scale compared to other schools in the country. While these ratings results give parents a good sense of how well schools are performing given the school ratings, it only provides a limited snapshot of school quality.

Calculating SchoolsUganda Ratings

Schools rating is based on calculating an average in comparision with the number of reviews submitted by the school community including Student, OB, OG, Teacher/Staff and other school stakeholders.