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The UNEB exams are just around the corner. During this time,many candidates are pounded with tonnes of work and notes.
If a candidate is not well prepared, he can face great failure and shame all over. But with these simple tips, a candidate will not fail to excel in their UNEB exams.
All success comes from the Almighty God. No one is successful unless through him. From the world's richest to the world's smartest, all these attribute their success from God. Just believe in Him and you will see miracles. Just BELIEVE.!!
Am sure you hear this word every time you wake up. But indeed you have to read. I dont think you can just dive into a History paper unless you have been reading. Read all subjects equally because the results you will get in UCE will affect your admission into University. Imagine missing a University addmission by 0.3points because of that F9 in Biology which could have easily become a D1 if only you had read. DONT WAIT TO REGRET.
If you really want to excel in your UNEB, you really have to devote yourself but its just for afew months. So you should cut on the time you spend on facebook,texting,watching movies or playing Call of Duty BlackOps at least for these remaining few weeks. Imagine regretting to have gone for that party yet you could have read that History book and atleast got to know that Course or that kingdom organisation. Am sure many of your friends and relatives know that you are a candidate so try not to let them down most especially let yourself down...A man once said "Play now, and pay later or Pay now and play later".
"All work and no play makes John a dull boy"..Well you should relax abit if you deep down know that you have been reading thoroughly. Try doing something that you enjoy to help you release some of the stress. Get a good night's sleep (7-9hours a day) however do not over sleep as this will create a state of laziness as you will feel extremely tired. It makes no good to prepare for an exam but then sleep halfway into the exam!!
Your brain needs rest and very good feeding. Eat foods such as vegetables, fish, Cereal, milk,fruits, and also fish oil. These foods provide the necessary nutrients that your brain needs to remember those complex math equations and physics formulae. Avoid deep fried foods, carbonated drinks like sodas,sugar enriched drinks,alcohol(at least for these few weeks!!!)
Do not smoke as this will destroy all your brain cells which will make it easier for your brain to forget that experiment in Biology.
Many students during this time fear to ask about things that were taught in those lower classes in fear of being seen as not intelligent. But this is entirely wrong, you will get to know what you didnt know which will make you a step closer to being more intelligent. So do not be afraid to ask that so- called simple question.. Okay??
They may not be very popular in school but they certainly know abit more when it comes to a particular subject. So make friends with them but do not use them as this may make them "spoon feed you poison". Be friends you never know, they might let you in on their secret of excelling throughout!!
You might be covinced that the syllabus is done but a teacher might come in and kindly give you those notes he had told you to copy or add on on what he had given you back in first term. So don't miss that Golden lesson.
Respect that teacher with spects who gives you "puni's" whenever he sees you. That teacher might end up taking you to the infamous D.C which has the power to discontinue any candidate for indiscipline in otherwards disqualify you from sitting UNEB that year or in simple terms you register the following year. So just swallow that beef for that teacher.YUP!! THAT'S LIFE. FORGIVE BUT DO NOT FORGET..
It does no good to read all the letters you have in your books and textbooks without believing in your self. Whenever you feel depressed or de-motivated.. just scavenge the internet for inspirational and motivational quotes. Am sure you will be able to bounce back.
Avoid negative energy and past results. They came, you received them now its time to move on and turn that f9 into a D1.. Simply not by belief only but with persistence too.
Some people may want to put you down, others to step on you so that you remain down there.. but just believe in yourself that you can do it, you can make it. Your Will power is bigger than their negativity that spills out of their mouths.. aint that right??
..with the aboe tips.. if put into practice am sure you will not fail to excel and ace your UNEB


Lwanga Jonathan

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