Cuties Kindergarten

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Type Daycare & Kindergaten
Ownership Private School
Gender Mixed School
Boarding Day School
Religion Secular School


To produce Creative and Confident Children for tomorrow’s World


We train children to become innovative and well-adjusted in an environment that promotes effective teaching and learning using various learner-centered methods.

Core Values:

We are committed to providing quality to our clients in whatever we do.

Services Offered

We are Open between 07.00am - 05.00pm (Monday- Friday) and 08:00am to 04.00pm (Saturday to Sunday).

At Cuties, we provide a learning environment that embraces play, guidance as well as Social interaction. Our days are filled with Games, Story Telling, Reading, Writing, Painting, Craft, Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Nature walks, Gardening, etc.

Here is a brief overview of the range of services we provide: Daycare, Night care, Weekend care, Drop-in, Swimming, Gardening, Sleep over, Holiday Skills Development (HSDP), etc. Please contact us for more information. We also encourage you to physically pay us a visit.

Holiday Skills Development Programme (HSDP)

HSDP is a new service we have introduced to our menu. We recognize that parents; who are our major clients are busy, day-in-day-out regardless of whether its holiday time or school time. Many leave their homes early morning and get back late in the evening; all exhausted.

Many parents do not reserve sufficient time to stay with and train their children to do the basic house chores: washing, cleaning dishes, ironing, bathing, socializing, gardening, slashing the compound, cooking, making juice, etc. A good number of children are not trained to keep clean, pray, knitting request for what they want, respect, share, manage time, keep home orderliness, identify strangers in homes, etc. Yes, parents have entrusted housemaids or house-helps to do all the above while they (parents) are away but the housemaids can not professionally train children social etiquette.

At cuties, we have partnered with service providers to train your child to manage total life through the Holiday Skills Development Programme. We will train your to wash, clean dishes, iron, bath, etc. Gardening, slashing, cooking, making juice, praying, humbleness, respecting, sharing, time management, orderliness, etc are other skills that we train.

HSDP services are available during School holidays only. We take not more than 20 children. Please note that the service is provided on request and we discuss with you your child’s requirements.


School Contacts

Contact Person
Postal Address
Address between Kisubi High school and Akright stage
Telephone +256703703546 /+256774703546.

Fees Structure

Table shows the fees structure for our school


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