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Gender Mixed School
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Religion Secular School

Old Kampala Senior Secondary school is a mixed O and A level school. It is located on Old Kampala Hill near the historical Fort Kampala, Old Kampala Police Station, on Old Kampala Road off Namirembe Road. The school acutally lies where two hills meet.

Old Kampala Senior Secondary school is a Government Indian founded school and it is as old as the Indian settlement in Uganda.As the Indian settlement grew and prospered, the need for its own system of education became a necesity. The arrival of two brothers: Mr. K.D Gupta and Mr.B.D Gupta from Bengal India-an ancient seat of learning, coincided with the needs of the allien community.Unlike their counterparts in trading, the Guptas were teachers and they initiated the setting up of the school and Mr. K.D Gupta became its first headmaster.

The school began to grow in fame and size and this campus became small.to accomodate the influx of the students. A new site at Kololo(current Kololo Senior Secondary School) was opened as its annex under the same administration and the same teachers taught there.

The school continued to climb its heights of glory and fame and became one of the leading centres of learning in East Africa. This school excelled not only in academics, but also in other disciplines. Its fame went far beyond the horizons of Uganda. the Fine Arts Department of the school secured a Gold Medal at Rabbat(Morocco)Exhibition in the 1970's, The school reached its zenith of glory when Mr. Matharu(a teacher) was selected to the national Hockey team, which represented Uganda at the Munich (Germany) olympics of 1972

The beginning of the economic war marked the beginning of the fall of the prestigious institution, which had produced a long line of eminent scholars, politicians, Statesmen and many other distinguished personalities.

The sudden departure of the key players and the absence of a committed management to replace it, plunged the school into its darkest period.The greatest achievement of this period was that Mr. Kasiragi(headmaster 1976-1987) succeeded in putting the school on the sustained right track

The abrupt transfer of Mr. Kasiragi did not affect the school much as his successor, Mr. Bangizi concetrated on academics as a special area of priority,

Mr. Bangizi confidently handed over to Mr. Kiyingi who had a short stint before handing over to Mr. Bwire Ouma Raphael.

As astrict disciplinarian, Mr. Bwire led the school to greater heights of academic excellence. Mr. Bwire himself knows a lot about Old Kampala Senior Secondary School and has an ocean to narrate.

He worked as Deputy HeadMaster of this school from 1975 to 1991 before being transfered to St.Peter's SSS Nsambya. He spent 8 years there before being returned to Old Kampala SSS as HeadMaster in 1998.

Mr. Bwire recalls that the school playground used to be called "the coronation"ground and that it was where national functions and national football matches used to be hosted. He further laments that the school was the first Cambridge Examination centre in the whole of EastAfrica and the likes of St. Mary's College Kisubi, King's College Budo and Sir Samuel Baker among others had to come and sit their exams from here

Mr. Mukasa Emmanuel Martin replaced Mr. Bwire in January 2008 in a nationwide teacher/HeadTeacher transfer exercise. Mr Mukasa is now the current school Head Master and he also understands the school very well having served it before as a Deputy Head Teacher in the 1990's.

The school has not only been an academic powerhouse but also excelled in sports and were crowned Natonal Champions of the CocaCola PostPrimary football Competition in 1999 and 2003. Between 2003 and 2010 Old Kampala SSS has been a force to reckon with in the annual Copa Coca Cola Post Primary football championship and has always been in the top four performers at the event and also carried the flag high in the East African event each year.

Old Kampala Senior Secondary School as also continued posting excellent academic performances in National Examinations. The school has been a dominant force in A level Sciences at the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education Examinations in the 2000's.

The current Headmaster, Mr. Mukasa has also revitalised the Old Kampala Old Students' Association, himself being an old student, he was elected to the post of Association Treasurer.


Bless us this day. to do our will. Give us strength to glorify thee and to do our duty of students


We persevere on and on for a bright today and tomorrow, in the struggle against illiteracy so help us oh, Lord.


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Contact Person Headmaster, Bursar
Postal Address P.O.BOX 330 Kampala
Address Old Kampala SSS P.O.BOX 330 Kampala
Telephone 0414 235 010
Email admin@oldkampalass.com
Web/URL oldkampalass.com

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