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Type Private University Professional Institution
Ownership Private School
Gender Mixed School


  • Campus wide wireless network
  • Serene study environment
  • State of the art teaching and learning facilities
  • Small class sizes
  • Extensive collection of learning resources
  • Experienced and competent world class faculty

The main Campus is located on Bunga Hill, seven kilometers from Kampala city centre along the Kampala, Ggaba-Munyonyo road.

Kisoro Campus is located in Kisoro District, south western Uganda, 500 kilometres from the capital city Kampala

The Mulago Campus is located at the top of Mulago hill, a five minute drive from Kampala city.

Namugongo campus, close to the Uganda Martyrs Shrines, Namugongo

Programs Duration (years)
Bachelor of Laws 4
Bachelor of Science in Oil, Gas & Energy Management 3
Bachelor of Computer Forensics and Criminal Investigation 3
Bachelor of Science in Business Statistics 3
Diploma in Law 2
Bachelor of Computer Forensics & Criminal Investigation 3
Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication 3
Bachelor of Business Computing 3
Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance 3
Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Banking 3
Bachelor of Business Administration 3
Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science 3
Bachelor of Science in Financial Engineering 4
Bachelor of Science in Forensic Accounting 3
Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management 3
Bachelor of Science in Governance and leadership Development 3
Bachelor of Science in e-Business Information Technology 3
Master in Business Administration 2
MBA Health Services Management 2
Legal Research and Technology 6
Counter Terrorism and Cyber-Crime Defence 6
International Business and Negotiation 6
Environmental Law Application 6
Tax Systems and Law in East Africa 4
Intellectual Property Law 6
Public Procurement Law and Policy 4
Anti-Money Laundering Law 6
Taxation of Activities in Oil and Gas Operations 6
Natural Resources Law and the future for African Growth and Development 6
Telecommunication Law 4
Competition, Mergers and Acquisitions 6
Tax Law in the EAC Common Market 4
Taxation Development in EA Customs Union 6
Oil and Gas Management 4
Computer Forensics 4
Financial Engineering 6
Financial Markets, Trading and Analysis 4
Understanding Financial Statements 4
International Procurement 4
Governance and Anti-Corruption Methods 4
Sustainable Tourism Management 4
Accounting for Performance and Control 4
M&A and Equity Valuation 4
Advanced Financial Modeling 6
Corporate Finance 6
Data Analysis using SPSS, e-Views, Structural Equation Modeling 6

Bachelor of Science Herbal Medicine 3
Bachelor of Horticulture 5
Bachelor of Agriculture 3
Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management 3
Bachelor of Science Veterinary Nursing 4
Bachelor of Land Resource & Soil Science 3
Bachelor of Veterinary Biosciences 4
Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery 5
Diploma in Agriculture 2
Poultry Production 4
Seed Certification and Crop Technology 6
Piggery 4
Food Security and Sanitation for Manufacturers 4
Milk Processing 4
Goat Production 4
Aqua Culture/ Fish Farming 4
Herbal Medicine 6
Certification & Accreditation in Africa 6
Honey Processing 4
Medical Plants growth 4

BSc. Electrical Engineering 4
BSc. Building Services Engineering 4
BSc. Electronics and Communications Engineering with Mgt 4
BSc. Civil and Environment Engineering 4
BSc. Oil & Gas Engineering 4
BSc. Oil & Gas Production Technology 4
BSc. Civil & Structural Engineering 4
BSc. Architectural Technology 5
BSc. Water Resource Engineering 4
BSc. Software Engineering 3
BSc. Mechanical Engineering 4
BSc. Surveying and Mapping Science 4
BSc. Automotive Engineering 4
BSc. Digital Game Design & Development 3
Diploma in Welding Technology & Practice 2
Accidental Investigation 4
Material and structures 4
Driver Behavior 4
Telecom Technology and Management 6
Application of Solar Energy and Photovoltaic 4
Hydro Power Plants Management 4
Land Surveying and Mapping 4
Computer and Security 6
Oil and Gas Technology 6

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Bachelor of Nursing Science 4
Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences 3
Bachelor of Pharmacy 4
Bachelor of Public Health 3
Bachelor of Pathogenesis and AIDS Treatment 3
Diploma in Pharmacy 2
Bachelor of Acute & Critical Care Nursing 3
Bachelor of Dental Surgery 5
Bachelor of Optometry 4
Bachelor of Dermatology 4
Bachelor of Obstetrics & Gynecology 5
Bachelor of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 5
Bachelor of Global Education & Tech. Health 3
Bachelor of Health Service & Management 3
Diploma in Emergency, Trauma & Care Tech. 2
Diploma in Emergency Trauma and Care Technology 2
Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health 3
Diploma in Palliative Care 2
Diploma in Health Services Management 2
Diploma in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences 2
Master of Public Health 2
MBA Health Services Mgt 2
Epidemiology for Clinicians 4
Biobanking and Public Engagement 4
Prevention Studies for NCDs 6
Health Education and Health Promotion 4
Public Health Policy and Health Administration 4
Practice in Contraception and
Sexual Reproduction Health Care
Ultrasound and MRI Imaging 4
Community and Public Health 6
Clinical Ethics 4
Health Care-associated Infection Prevention Control 6
Pharmacology 6


School Contacts

Contact Person
Postal Address P.O.Box 26687, Kampala, Uganda
Address Bunga Hill, P.O.Box 26687, Kampala, Uganda
Telephone +256 312-516789

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