PLE 2023 Top-Performing Schools: El-Shaddai Primary School vs. St. Mukasa Seminary
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PLE 2023 Top-Performing Schools: El-Shaddai Primary School vs. St. Mukasa Seminary

SchoolsUganda presents an analysis of the academic prowess exhibited by the top-performing schools in the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) of 2023 – El-Shaddai Primary School in Gulu City (SCH A) and St. Mukasa Seminaryin Shema M/C (SCH B). (Note that this is according to our Metric System).

This overview aims to provide insights into their performance across subjects and divisions.

PLE 2023 Results Overview:

On January 25, 2024, UNEB Executive Director Dan Odongo unveiled the PLE 2023 results at State House Nakasero. Odongo highlighted a higher proportion of candidates passing in Division 3 and above, with notable performance in Science and Mathematics. The overall performance was deemed comparable to that of 2022. However, Division U (Ungraded) raised concerns, with 10.4% of candidates falling into this category. Odongo emphasized the need to address this issue to prevent contributing to school dropout statistics, particularly in districts with percentages exceeding the national average.

In 2023, 749,254 candidates registered from 15,859 centers, a decline from 832,654 in 2022. Of these, 66.9% were Universal Primary Education (UPE) beneficiaries, and 33.1% were Non-UPE candidates. Males exhibited a higher proportional performance, with more boys achieving Division One compared to girls. Girls, however, outperformed boys in English, while boys outshone girls in SST, Science, and Mathematics.

Uganda Prison registered 69 candidates, with 60 candidates sitting for the exam. Notably, 2 passed in Division 1, 32 obtained Division 2, 15 achieved Division 3, 5 secured Division 4, and 6 were ungraded. Additionally, 9 candidates did not sit for the exam.

Subject-wise Comparison (2020-2023):

Year Subject SCH A SCH B Better Performer
2023 English 100% 100% Equal
2023 Math 100% 100% Equal
2023 Science 100% 100% Equal
2023 Social Studies 100% 100% Equal
2022 English 100% 100% Equal
2022 Math 100% 100% Equal
2022 Science 100% 100% Equal
2022 Social Studies 100% 100% Equal
2020 English 100% 100% Equal
2020 Math 99.3% 100% SCH B
2020 Science 100% 100% Equal
2020 Social Studies 100% 100% Equal

General Performance on Division Basis (2019-2023):

Year Division SCH A SCH B % Pass
2023 Division I 160 119 100.0%
2023 Division II 0 0 100.0%
2022 Division I 145 82 100.0%
2022 Division II 1 0 100.0%
2020 Division I 143 95 100.0%
2020 Division II 1 3 100.0%
2019 Division I 106 70 100.0%
2019 Division II 14 8 100.0%

Overall Pass Rate: 100%

The analysis of division-based performance illustrates a consistent 100% pass rate for both El-Shaddai Primary School and St. Mukasa Seminary across various divisions from 2019 to 2023.

the detailed examination of PLE 2023 results positions both El-Shaddai Primary School and St. Mukasa Seminary as exemplars of academic excellence. The consistency in their performance across subjects and divisions underscores their commitment to educational excellence. Congratulations from SchoolsUganda

Disclaimer: This analysis is derived from online sources of data released by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) regarding the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) of 2023. All percentages presented are rounded for clarity and precision. The names "SCH A" and "SCH B" are placeholders used for illustrative purposes and should be replaced with the actual names of the schools under consideration. The intent of this analysis is to provide an objective overview of academic performance based on the official examination results.

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