Harshton Junior School-Mbale
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Harshton Junior School-Mbale

Plot 4 Ndinya Rd, Maluku - Mbale


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About our school

Mission: Harshton Junior School is dedicated to cultivating well-rounded individuals, equipping them to confront the challenges of the world with resilience and excellence.

Anthem: In harmony, the voices of Harshton Junior School – children, teachers, and parents – unite in praise, glorifying the Lord. As prayers ascend, so do our collective aspirations, propelling us toward the realization of our school goals.

Academics and Discipline: Our academic excellence is a reflection of a highly skilled and dedicated teaching staff, ensuring pupils meet the required standards. Discipline stands as a cornerstone in our grooming process, unlocking the key to sustained success, evident in our commendable performance over the years.

Facilities: At Harshton Junior School, we provide essential tools for learning - books, pens, pencils, and more. Boarding pupils enjoy comfortable bedding for a restful stay. Our delectable meals, featuring a diverse menu from rice to matooke, sweet potatoes, and beyond, create a satisfying and nourishing experience. Elevate your senses with our delightful break tea and treats.

In essence, Harshton Junior School weaves excellence, discipline, and comfort into the fabric of everyday learning and living.

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Fees Structure

Admission Fees - 0 Ushs

School fees range - 0Ushs to 0 Ushs


District: Mbale

County: Industrial Division

Subcounty: Industrial Division

Parish: Malukhu Ward

Address: Plot 4 Ndinya Rd, Maluku - Mbale