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About our school

Kisoko Girls primary school is located in Bendo Zone, Kisoko Sub County, West Budama North in Tororo District, Eastern Uganda. It is fifteen (15)  Kilometers from Tororo Municipality along the Tororo-Nagongera-Busolwe Road, 500 meters from Kisoko sub-county and near St Paul church of Uganda,  It is boarded by two schools that is Kisoko Boys’ primary school and Kisoko High school.


The school started far back in 1926 by the church of Uganda. It was for teaching religion and the first teachers were lay readers.

t continued up to 1926 when it was made a sub-grade school and it was for both girls and boys under Owor Obadia as a headteacher (a lay reader.)


In 1936, Mr. Rample a white man took over the school from the church of Uganda and the school was still for both boys and girls.

In 1938, Mr. Ochieng Zaphania became the first headteacher of the school as Kisoko school.


In 1940, Madam Najeko Dina became the first headmistress of the school as Kisoko Girls’ primary school and Kisoko Boys’ was separated from it, but the two schools remained under the same Management committee till the year 2001, when the management committee for both school were separated under madam Owere Odumo as the headteacher of the school.

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District: Tororo

County: West Budama County North

Subcounty: Kisoko

Parish: Kisoko

Address: near St Paul church of Uganda