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Little Muheji Kindergarten and Primary school

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Nursery & Kindergarten Primary

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About our school

One of the school objectives is to Contribute to the nurturing of vulnerable children for the attainment of their full potential. Under this arrangement the school offers free nursery and primary education to orphans and vulnerable children who upon completion are linked to the vocational to undertake skill enhancement courses that enable them to come with up relevant skills to embark on the income generating activities by setting up their own work stations.

Core values

  • Working together in teams- with openness and trust
  • Personal honesty, integrity and commitment
  • Enjoying our work and our families

Our vision

A professionalized fully fledged childhood educational and Vocational Centre       

Mission statement

To provide the superlative childhood education and vocational; services with professionalism


  • To provide the best tender childhood education
  • To provide the best enabling environment for learning
  • To instill a culture of God fearing at the earliest stage
  • To contribute to the nurturing of vulnerable children for the attainment of their full potentiaL

School Codes & Policies

SCHOOL RULES The rules and regulations will keep on being reviewed as and when need arises. 1. Smartness/Cleanliness: Pupils are required to put on school uniform at all times while at school, the school uniform in question can either be the normal uniform or the sports wear usually put on the specified days. Parents/Guardians are supposed to ensure that the body of their children and all clothing’s are clean.

2. Punctuality: Punctual attendance at all events and functions as prescribed by the school routine is compulsory. Pupils should be at the school latest by 7:40 am during the school days.

3. Packing of food stuffs: To ensure the quality of meals taken by the pupils and minimize any imbalance, the school will provide both the break teas with its accompaniments and lunch for those in the day care. In light of this, the school strongly discourages the packed meals.

4. School home work: The school will from time and again give home work to pupils. The parent/guardians are required to give reasonable assistance to ensure that the home work is done and the work is countersigned by the parent/guardian.

5. Pupils property: The school will endeavor to ensure that children property are well kept, however to achieve this, it’s the responsibility of every parent/guardian to ensure that children’s school property (i.e. sweater, Uniform, School bag, shoes, hankies etc) are labeled/marked for easy identification.

6. Picking of pupils from the school: For the security of our pupils, only those persons that have been introduced to school management will be allowed to pick pupils from the school. Unauthorized persons will be turned away.

7. Health status of the child: Parents are required to furnish with the school administration all health related issues of the child as this will facilitate timely first aid in case of a need. Failure to declare all health related issues will constitute an offense.

School performance

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Mathematics passrate 2022


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Fees Structure

Admission Fees - 50,000 Ushs

School fees range - 500,000Ushs to 1,000,000 Ushs


District: Wakiso

County: Nansana Municipality

Subcounty: Nasana Division

Parish: Nansana Ward

Address: Busujju -Hoima Road