Mt. St. Henry's High School Mukono
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Mt. St. Henry's High School Mukono

6km Mukono Bugerere Road


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About our school


To be a leading mixed boarding secondary school in the country producing independent, creative, morally upright and academically excellent citizens

Mission Statement

To develop quality education for students in a humane and religious environment.

Our Objectives

The school aims at achieving four cardinal objectives in order to fulfill its Vision.

  • To mould our students into God fearing citizens.
  • To attain a high degree of academic standards.
  • To instill a sense of leadership and responsibility in the students.
  • To create a sense of self esteem and respect for each other.


There are no fixed criteria for admission to our school; each child is treated individually. We do our best to place the newcomers into classes we believe they will thrive the most in.

In general, we look at how old a child is, where and how many years of schooling they have had, as well as their levels in English and Maths. A chart with the standard age of children in each year group can be found in our handbook.

A place will only be offered if we believe we are right for the child and the child will be right for our school community. Offers are only made by the Director, in writing.

Other Requirements 

  1. Report with a true Parent/Guardian.
  2. Report card from your former school.
  3. Three passport size photographs for the student and two for the parent/guardian.
  4. A ream of photocopying papers (Double A),10 rolls of toilet papers and 2 rugs(Towel type)
  5. A knife & 3 litres of Jik 6 Re-usable masks which are well labeled.
  6. 2 pairs of black leather shoes and 6 pairs of white long stockings for Girls and grey stocking for boys, 1 pair of canvas shoes for sports, 1 pair of open shoes for domestic use (not crocs).
  7. Three long black skirts for girls (Caribbean) and 3 pairs of black trousers for boys (not tight fitting, not tubed and not jeans) for domestic wear.
  8. A recommendation of having been immunized against Hepatitis B and screened for TB from a recognized hospital.

School performance

Biology passrate for O'Level 2023


Math passrate for O'Level 2023


Country ranking

District ranking

Grades analysis

Division ranking

Subject analysis

History pass rate for A'level 2023


General paper pass rate for A'level 2023


Country ranking

District ranking

Grades analysis

Division ranking

Subject analysis

Fees Structure

Admission Fees - 100,000 Ushs

School fees range - 701,000Ushs to 1,203,000 Ushs


District: Luweero

County: Mukono municipality county

Subcounty: Mukono Central Division

Parish: Ntawo

Address: 6km Mukono Bugerere Road