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one kilometer from Iganga town


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About our school

Victoria High School Iganga stands as a beacon of educational excellence, renowned for its outstanding performance at both levels. Your decision to explore our institution is indeed a wise one, as we are dedicated to providing an exceptional learning experience.

Our Distinctive Features:

  1. Conducive Learning Environment: Immerse yourself in an environment that not only promotes academic excellence but also ensures a socially rewarding and enjoyable educational journey.

  2. Academic Focus: We prioritize academic excellence, emphasizing discipline and nurturing God-fearing students. Our aim is to groom future leaders with integrity, honesty, and entrepreneurial spirit.

  3. Tight Academic Programs: With rigorous academic programs, we consistently improve our performance at both levels year after year. Your dedication will be met with a system designed to help you thrive.

  4. Committed and Hospitable Staff: Our team of dedicated and hospitable staff is committed to assisting you in settling and thriving within this academically fruitful environment.

  5. Promotion for Success: Experience termly promotions as you work hard and excel in your studies. Our rules and regulations will guide you on the conduct expected while in the school.

Our Mission: “To provide the best quality education to disciplined and hardworking students.”

Our Vision: “To be the leading school in the country providing education for self-reliance.”

Our Motto: “Discipline and Hard work”

Co-Curricular Activities:

  • Religion: We foster spiritual growth and instill God-fearing values in students of all recognized religions.
  • Campus Clean Workshop: Engage in various activities such as football, netball, scouting, volleyball, basketball, and more, designed to enhance life outside the classroom.

Embark on a transformative journey with Victoria High School Iganga, where discipline and hard work pave the way for a future of self-reliance and success.

School performance

Biology passrate for O'Level 2023


Math passrate for O'Level 2023


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Subject analysis

History pass rate for A'level 2023


General paper pass rate for A'level 2023


Country ranking

District ranking

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Division ranking

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Fees Structure

Admission Fees - 0 Ushs

School fees range - 0Ushs to 0 Ushs


District: Iganga

County: Iganga Municipal Council

Subcounty: Northern Division

Parish: Bugumba Ward

Address: one kilometer from Iganga town