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About our school

From a humble beginning in 2013, with 32 pupils, Rannet Junior School has now grown in both popularity and size. The school has classes from Primary one to Primary seven which caters for pupils aged 5 to 12 years and above.

Rannet Junior School provides an environment which is inclusive, caring and stimulating, with high expectations of achievement and behaviour, and where learners develop good self-esteem. This enables them to become active partners in their own learning who take risks and learn from their mistakes. We encourage learners to ask questions and to learn how to solve problems and challenges. We aim at ensuring that learners reach their full potential and to create an atmosphere where learning is fun by offering a rich, varied and meaningful curriculum.

We live in an ever changing world and we need to prepare our children for the future, enabling them to access lifelong learning. Whilst the children’s learning is our first priority, we also offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities so that all children can achieve and shine in the field of their choice – music, sport or the arts – and we develop the children’s emotional literacy and social skills through all that we do in school to enable them to become responsible and positive members of the society in which they live.

Working closely with parents and careers is an important facet of our work in enabling the success of our children. We believe that good communication is the key to an effective partnership, and we are always happy to meet you and discuss any concerns you may have.


  • To provide all children with an exciting range of experiences and opportunities to recognise their own potential in all areas, especially their creativity and skills regardless of their needs.
  •  To provide a broad, balanced and creative curriculum this not only reflects the requirements of the National Curriculum but inspires and develops children to realise their own goals.
  •  Fully utilise all the available resources to create and sustain a positive stimulating learning environment.
  •  Promote professional relationships and respect between all the school’s stakeholders so modeling a positive attitude for our children.
  •  To Promote and maintain a positive image of the school within the Community.
  •  To enable children to develop self-confidence and self-expression so empowering them to make decisions about their learning and development and also form positive relationships.
  • To be a values-led learning community, in which our shared understanding and practice ensures that everybody feels secure and significant and develops a strong sense of our common humanity together with a respect for diversity and difference.
  • To be a school where all success is celebrated, and where high expectations ensure that everybody is challenged and supported to achieve their very best.
  • To develop an evolving, stimulating and culturally-rich curriculum which responds to the needs and interests of all learners, ensuring that they enjoy their education and are equipped to achieve economic and spiritual well-being in a rapidly changing world.
  • To be a school where children are kept safe, healthy and equipped to make informed and positive life choices with increasing independence throughout their lives.
  • To be an inclusive, welcoming and thriving school at the heart of the local community, so that resources are shared for the benefit of all and everyone is encouraged to work together and make a positive contribution.

To become a more environmentally-responsible community, working actively towards sustainability and a sense of global citizenship

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District: Wakiso

County: Nansana Municipality

Subcounty: Gombe Division

Parish: Gombe ward

Address: Kigoogwa, Bombo, Gulu Road